The Freemason Order crucified Jesus Christ for 2 reasons: they feared he was the Son of God, the opposing enemy of there religion, Jesus possessed an unknown item of high interest to the Freemasons. This was in the last years of the B.C. Era. It is unknown whether the item was achieved.


The Freemasons noticed Jesus Christ, a man who was said to be the Son of God. The masons could not stand this threat and felt later in time, Jesus Christ would somehow defeat the New World Order Master Plan. With this fear, masonic leaders ordered the cruxifiction of Jesus. The Freemasons hoped this would destroy all trace of him. Christianity says these efforts failed and Jesus ressurected and proved the savior of mankind. The details of the the events leading up to the cruxifiction were contained in the Holy Bible, however the masons manipulated the Bible and the history of it is shrouded in mystery.

Subminal MessagesEdit

Messages of this historical event was presented through 2 video games, Assassins Creed 2 and Brotherhood. In these games, there is a side puzzle (called Clusters) called "The Truth" that contains the dark truth of the world and thr ruling elite setting up what they described as a one world government. In one puzzle, it showed Jesus Christ cruxified for the Piece of Eden he had which the main enemy, the Templars, neeeded to power their satellite they are going to send into space on December 21st 2012 to limit the apocolyspe that is the games are centered on and form the world government they litterally called in plain english "The New World Order". This is obviously a subminal message and revealed it when the Templars said they were creating a New World Order and in those words, which is unusual for subminal messages that usually have in encypted. In the puzzle with Jesus Christ, you have to locate the Piece of Eden on him and in english words it said "THEY TOOK IT".