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JFK with his wife on the day of the Assassination

The Big Event[]

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was planned by the Bilderberg group for a Freemason Agent to assassinate Kennedy. This operation was code named The Big Event. They realized Kennedy was planned to drive through Dallas, Texas on Friday, November 22 1963. With this, they planned an assassination and the United States Government helped plotting. On November 22 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by an unknown Freemason Agent. The official comminsion concludes Lee Harvey Oswald did it all alone. However this is not possible. Lee Harvey Oswald had no training in weapons and hit perfectly. The driver was also a Freemason who drove the president at the assassination zone.

Framing of Lee Harvey Oswald[]

Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot in about 6 seconds. However, the weapon he was using was not fast enough to fire 3 times in 6 seconds. People who have reenacted the assassination have usually gotten 8-15 seconds, even the most trained high U.S. soldiers were unable to get 6 seconds. Lee Harvey Oswald was a coverup. It is unknown which Freemason assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was framed because he was the perfect victim, or that's what they thought. They then forced Lee Harvey Oswald to be holding a communist Soviet Newspaper and take a picture of him wearing it. They installed fear to him and the fake picture convinced the masses Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist and killed President John F. Kennedy.


The Freemasons assassinated JFK due to his poor cooperation with the Freemasons. The prime cause was JFK refusal to commit a False Flag Operation to go to war with the Soviet Union and Cuba. A False Flag Operation is an operation carried out in such a way by a group or nation to make it look like another group or nation did it. The False Flag Operation was to have high elite U.S. Military soldiers who follow every biding of the government whether good or bad to bomb U.S. Cities disguised as Cuban Military and blame it on the Soviet Union and its ally, Cuba. This would rally Americans into war. Then, they planned to full scale invade Cuba and attack the Soviets. However, JFK refused. What really pushed the Freemasons off the edge was JFK's Secret Society Speech exposing the Freemasons plot for a New World Order and enslaved public. This speech is often ignored and the Media misleads people to believing he was talking about other things.