List of FreemasonsEdit

The Freemasons are a secret society more powerful than any Global Elite group. Many popular names are in and were in the Freemasons who rule the world and are creating the sinister New World Order through stealth, cruelty, and war:

  • King Xerxes the Great
  • Gaius Julius Caesar
  • Malfatto
  • Mary 1 of England
  • Ivan Ivanovich of Russia
  • Francisco Pizzaro
  • Alexander II of Russia
  • John Wilks Booth
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Winston Churchill
  • George Bush
  • George W. Bush
  • Barack Obama
  • All other presidents of the U.S. except for Lincoln and Kennedy
  • Francois Duvalier
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Midd Romney
  • King George III
  • Dick Cheney

This list will continue to be updated because there are much more.