"We'll keep them distracted with movies, TV, magazines, and porn!"- Unknown Global Elite, Assassins Creed Brotherhood


The Global Elite carry out the New World Order in secrecy and the most imporant tactic they use to make sure people don't know what there doing is Mind Control. Mind Control sounds like an old fictional idea, however it is quite possible.


Whenever a person watching TV or reading magazines, they are in a hypnotic state of mind. There minds have been taken over by the program there watching or the article there reading. Even when watching the news, you're in hypnosis. The idea is to get the human mind as distracted as possible. With this, the person wouldn't care about what's going on in the world. they would just want to sit back and watch there program. This makes a person ignorant of what's going on in the world.

Mass MediaEdit

The world pulled over our eyes to blind us from the truth is enforced by the Media. The human mind is like a computer, it stores information in and the human mind can be entirely programmed. The Media is used to manipulate the mind and the propaganda told every day by Fox News, CNN, BBC etc. is what will be stored in the mind and the host will believe it. This was discovered by Freemason scientist who are implanting it and it is working.