New World Society

The symbol of the Freemasons

"There is something behind the throne, greater than the king himself."- Sir William Pitts, House of Lords 1770


The Order of the Freemasons (also called Freemasons or the Masonic Order) is a secret society made up of thousands of world leaders all around the world. They've existed sense biblical times as the secret ruling elite controlling the world and are working towards there ultimate goal, the creation of the New World Order.


The Freemasons are behind the Global Elite Network and are the most powerful of powerful. Many world leaders throughout history were Freemasons such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler (for a list of historical Freemasons read the article List of Former Freemasons ) were Freemasons secretly working together. They have impacted our world by shaping our history and owning every nation and group on Earth. Even the United States is controlled by them. The Freemasons are often depicted as being devil worshippers however they are much more than just that. They are more powerful than ANY nation or group on Earth today or has been. Not the U.S., USSR, Roman Empire, and even the British Empire came close to there power.