The Order of the Illuminati is a British Secret Society owned and runned by the Freemasons. It was established in 1776. The illuminati owns the American Government and tells the government what to do. The illuminati for 300 years are preparing sieze the world through lying, manipulation, brainwash, and diplomacy.


A jesuit named Adam Weishaupt who lived in London, Great Britain is the mastermind behind the illuminati. He believed the Bible was mistaken and religion destroys the meaning of life. As the early 1770's rolled in he left christianity and joined a Satan Worshiping religion known as Satanism. He joined the Freemason cult and became the man behind the organization of the illuminati. Conspiracy Theorist believe Parliament (Britain's Royal Government) was using the illuminati as a weapon to win the American Revolution. One thing is for sure- the 13 Colonies lost the American Revolution, but it is unknown why Great Britian kept the victory secret.

Controling the United StatesEdit

To keep people in America distracted and unaware of the secret society, they use tactics to control people lives. The Illuminati use TV Subminal Messaging and school to make youth obey the illuminati facism without them noticing it. To control adults and elderly, they make post hoaxes on the TV News and Newspaper and distract them with work.

Corporation ProtectionEdit

The illuminati don't protect the Citizens of the United States, they protect the Government Corporations. The police is an illusion to make citizens think the government serve the people. The illuminati always protect corporations no matter the cost. Most cases of Police Brutality is to protect Corporate Secrets.

Police StateEdit

The Illuminati have a plan to declare Martial Law in the United States of America to protect government secrets. 5 documentaries on the subject was made. 4 documentaries were on internet and DVD only, 1 was on TV but was banned after the first time it aired. All documentaries caught evidence of Concentration Camps ready for citizens to live in them. The 1 that aired on television showed Concentration Camps. The buildings were heavily defensed with electric gates and locked doors. The people working there claimed they were residential centers, but the Conspiracy Theorist shooting the documentary knew better. May 2011 signs of Future American Martial Law was spreading throughout the country. There were military troops training in civillian populated areas and then governent gave no explanation. Federal Government Black Helicopters were flying low on civillian buildings and the helicopters seemed to have no windows on August 1st 2011. Military trains were passing through civillian trains and Conspiracy Theorist are getting very, very suspicous.


The Order of the Illuminati are known for worshiping Satan . The New World Order there are building is for the Bible's Foe, the Anti-Christ's arrival. They believe he will save them, while other people know that is wrong.