"On the outskirts of the national capital today, black limousines converge on hotels to a secret meeting that will last all weekend, its known as the Bilderberg Group"- Canadian News Reporter Reporting the Bilderberg Meeting in Ottawa, Canada


The Bilderberg Group is a highly secretive group made up of 120 most powerful individuals of the world meeting in one place every year. Each 4 years they meet in North America and the rest in Europe. The group first met in the early 1950's and to this day, the Media reports nothing about the Bilderberg Meetings except for quick mentions like the quote above and what goes on in there. Bilderberg Members would rather kill there entire family then reveal what there plans are.


The Bilderberg meet in plane sight. They are planning the New World Order and mainly the 5 unions they need to make to form this Global Government: European Union (already accomplished), North American Union (damn close), South American Union (not fully finished), African Union (needs a single currency), and Asian Union. South American and African Union have been created but are still forming up and focusing on single currency like Europe with its Euro Currency. Bilderberg has been spied on by several journalist such as Jim Tucker who described Bilderberg as a rich control freak group. He claimed they planned Iraq invasion and gave Obama permission to become president. Bilderberg documents confirm his claims.