Illuminati card game

the cover of the Deluxe Edition of the game


In 1992 a young man named Steve Jackson egan devolping a card game he would ultimatily call "Illuminati NWO: the Game of Conspiracy." It was finished in 1994 and became the most popuar card game of 90's

CIA RaidEdit

For unknown reasons, the CIA raided Steve's office only a few days after the game came into the works. The CIA brought Steve Jackson to court only for Steve to win the trial. This questions people because the CIA had no explanation for the raid. Steve Jackson continued to create the game and finished it 2 years later.

Prediction of Future EventsEdit

The game has been famous in the conspiracy world for it's correct predictions of the future. One of the cards predicted 9/11, it says 2 planes hit the World Trade Center. Another predicted the Swine Flu disease. Another one predicted the Golf of Mexico oil spill. And one that hasn't been confirmed. Some say it predicts the Japanese disaster. Others say it predicts disaster at the upcoming 2012 Olympics. On this specific card it shows people of the Asian Race running away from a huge disaster. There is a clock in the background that matches the Toko Clock in Tokyo, Japan but it slightly looks like the Big Ben Clock in London, Great Britain. The clock in the background says "3:11" and that is the date of the Japanese disaster 3/11/11 (March 11th 2011). But there is no "1" on the clock. And so if you add up the numbers it equals 27. And the 2012 Olympics starts on July 27th 2012. But, the people running away from the disasters shirt color are the Olympic Colors, and each color is in order, the same order the Olympics Stripe Colors are. More disasters it predicts scares people, it predicts World War 111, Population reduction, Extraterrestial Invasion, and the coming of the False Messiah. It is unknown to people how Steve Jackson knew all of this.