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Soviet Flag raising over Nazi Reichstag

"United forever Great Russia! Long live the people's will created One, the mighty Soviet Union!"- Soviet National Anthem (1977)


The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (also known as the USSR or Soviet Union) was a communist state located in Eastern Europe and North Asia. The communist government controlled 15 republics (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc), the largest of them was Russia and the most well known one. The Soviet Union was the largest state in the world and consitutionally was socialist.


In 1914, a large communist revolution took place against the former Russian Empire. The revolution was led by Lenin as the communist formed the Red Army and the USSR. In 1924, the communist won the revolution and the USSR was formed. In 1927, Lenin died and a dictator named Joseph Stalin took power. Under Stalin, the Soviet Union entered a new dark age of corruption and greed and the whole theme of the USSR was destroyed. Joeseph Stalin was a member of the Global Elite and Freemasons helping create the New World Order. Under the command of the Global Elite, Stalin led the Soviet Union in World War 2 against the Axis Powers of Nazi Germany, Bulgaria, and Romania. After the Red Army conquered Berlin and Romania and occupied Bulgaria, the USSR declared war on the Japanese on August 8th 1945 and sent there army to liberate the Japanese Puppet State of Manchukuo(Japanese Occupied Manchuria). The Red Army contributed to Japan's surrender to the Allies. In 1953, Stalin died and the truth of his death is unknown despite official reports. After Stalin's death, new leaders took power and restored the Soviet Union Lenin brought. With this, the USSR became successful in economy and military and the state was flourishing and the Soviet People were pleased. Soon in the 1970's the new leaders of the Soviet Union were unfamiliar with the Global Elite and Freemasons. Because of this, Bilderberg met and discussed the USSR's fall. The Global Elite destroyed the USSR and the Soviet People began to suffer by the choices made by the elite. In 1991, the USSR collapsed and Boris Yeltsin, secretly a Freemason, was "elected" as the first president of the Russian Federation which is a puppet state of the New World Order.